Case study: Volvo Car UK plays its motivation cards right

Staff motivation is a greater challenge when the ‘motivatees’ are not under the organisation’s direct control, as with Volvo Car UK and its nationwide franchise dealerships, which range from PLCs to owner-operators.

Programme manager Bob Moore says: “Previous incentives to improve behavioural changes among the sales teams delivered only short-term results. Last year, we ran an incentive scheme linked to Apple products, such as iPhones and iPads, and there was a huge improvement 50% above target. This year, we chose a Volvo-branded MasterCard Spree-flex reward card from P&MM for its flexibility.”

Using MasterCard pre-paid card technology, funds are loaded directly from an employee’s salary onto the card.

This can be spent anywhere that accepts MasterCard, but using it in any of P&MM’s retail partners results in savings on the employee’s next salary upload.

Moore adds: “The annual administration fee of £12 per card compared favourably with the costs of registered post for the previous year’s scheme, and application rates are excellent among sales people, managers and business owners. The flexibility of the card clearly has a broad appeal, which is a bonus.

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