Grant Thornton offers pay-as-you-go gym membership to staff

Accountant firm Grant Thornton has added a pay-as-you-go gym membership scheme to its health and wellbeing package.

The scheme, provided by Payasugym, offers staff access to over 200 gyms and health clubs.

Employees can visit any of the participating gyms, only paying for the gym sessions that they actually use. There are no inductions, joining or membership fees.

Employees load credit on an online account, and use the credit to buy vouchers for gym use. Payasugym is also available for use via an iPhone application.

Martin Todd, head of reward in the HR operations team at Grant Thornton, said: “We were looking to enhance our current gym offering and Payasugym does just that.

“It gives our staff the flexibility to go to the gym when they want, just pay for what they use, and is simple to sign up to whether they are at work, at home or on the move.”

Jamie Ward, co-founder of Payasugym, added: “We know how important it is for employers to offer their staff exciting and cost-effective health benefits.†

“Payasugym offers employers a way to provide totally flexible gym use to their employees, while also measuring the effectiveness of the service on their business.”

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