Flu jabs for NHS staff almost triple in 2011

The number of NHS employees in England who have been vaccinated against the flu in 2011 has almost tripled compared to last year, according to figures from the Department of Health. 

The weekly flu information shows that 29% of NHS workers have been vaccinated this year, compared to 11% in 2010.

The NHS staff flu campaign, run by NHS Employers, aims to significantly increase the number of employees who are protected against flu, to ensure they do not pass it on to vulnerable patients.

Dean Royles, director of NHS Employers and leader on the vaccination campaign, said: “Our coordinated vaccination campaign has been embraced throughout NHS England and there have been over 10,000 hits from health trusts on our Flu Fighters website.

“One of the biggest differences this year is a much greater increase in the use of social media to communicate the need for staff vaccinations.

“Vaccinations are not compulsory. This big increase in vaccinations is down to the passion that NHS staff and employers have for protecting patients, colleagues and family.”

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