EXCLUSIVE: LogBuy partners Incahoot for employee discounts offer

Voluntary benefits provider LogBuy has partnered collective buying website Incahoot to offer employers discounts on household bills.

The site will be offered to 600,000 employees, across organisations such as Serco and Panasonic, providing discounts on home broadband, energy bills, mobile phones and insurance.

The Incahoot website features a savings calculator, deal-checker tool, renewal reminders, and cash back up to £120.

John Evans, chief executive officer at Incahoot, said: “Employers that can offer long-term value are key when people are trying to make ends meet in austerity Britain.

“Organisations have the option of giving their staff benefits that will really make a difference.”

David Wall, managing director at LogBuy, added: “Our new partnership with Incahoot allows us to continue offering UK employees a huge choice of benefits.

“With recent estimates suggesting that Incahoot can save the average employee up to £1,300 per year on household bills, we predict that this will definitely become a popular option.”

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