EXCLUSIVE: DenPlan launches discounted gym membership to award long service

Denplan has introduced a discounted gym membership to award employees for long service to the company.

The GymFlex scheme, provided by Incorpore, is available to the firm’s 350 staff once they have reached two years of service. It amounts to a 40% discount on membership at a local gym.

Natalie Dixey, recruitment and training advisor at DenPlan, said: “We have quite a lot of benefits that staff can choose once they have been here six months, but we thought it would be nice to make it a bit of a long-service benefit for staff who have been with us for a while.”

The gym membership can be taken as part of a vitality subsidy of £100. Every 12 months employees can claim the sum towards a variety of wellbeing options, such as aerobic classes or golf lessons.

Communications ranged from details on Denplan’s intranet to posters around the office.

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