EXCLUSIVE: Cognizant Technology Solutions rolls out reward statements across Europe

Cognizant Technology Solutions will roll out online total reward statements (TRS) to its staff based in Belgium, France and Germany, after successful launches in the UK and the Netherlands in April 2011.

The IT firm will introduce the statements in Belgium, France and Germany in early 2012, followed by launches in other European locations. The majority of its employee base (3,300 of its 4,000 staff) is in the UK and the Netherlands, with the rest spread across 15 European countries.

Fiona Woods, head of HR for Europe at Cognizant Technologies, said: “We are looking at a number of different things based on flexibility and the number of employees we have in those countries. The benefits are different too, in terms of tax treatment, social security, and what we provide.”

For instance, in France the state covers pension schemes and employment insurance. The firm provides additional private medical insurance (PMI) in France. Woods added: “The differences between countries are really where we supplement some of the benefits provided by the state.”

Communication around the total reward statements, which are provided by Thomsons Online Benefits, will be filtered down through local talent management teams in each country. There will also be promotional rewards for the 100th and 200th employees to log into the online system.

“It gives us a holistic picture rather than integrating different systems and doing a manual report for employees,” said Woods. “It helps with the mobility of employees as well, with the millennials and others moving between countries.”

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