Autumn Statement 2011: Government plans to cut health and safety rules for small employers

Health and safety regulations for smaller employers will be cut.

In the Autumn Statement 2011, Chancellor George Osborne announced that the government has accepted the recommendations of Professor Lofstedt’s Reclaiming health and safety for all review, which was published yesterday.

The recommendations include:

  • exempting self-employed people posing no risk to others from health and safety legislation;
  • simplifying guidance and codes of practice;
  • taking measures to ensure businesses see consistent and predictable regulation across the UK including a power for the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to direct all local health and safety regulatory activities;
  • the HSE taking steps to clarify the legal position of businesses to ensure they are only held accountable for those things they can realistically manage;
  • the HSE negotiating a risk- and evidence-based approach to health and safety regulation with the European Union.

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