Robertson Cooper research: Personal resilience is key to wellbeing

Personal resilience is key to wellbeing according to research from business psychology firm Robertson Cooper.

The i-resilience online survey of the working population found that the majority of respondents (81%) are confident that they can recover well when things go wrong, however only less than half (48%) believe they flourish when there are setbacks.

According to Robertson Cooper, this suggests that most people feel confident in their ability to cope with setbacks, but drawing on these in a positive way is more of a challenge.

Over two-thirds (69%) of respondents believe they cope well with setbacks, whereas four-fifths (80%) feel they cope well when the going gets tough.

Robertson Cooper suggests that by taking on challenging goals people can learn useful coping mechanisms and learn to excel in difficult situations.

Professor Ivan Robertson, director and co-founder of Robertson Cooper, said that resilience plays an important role in the overall wellbeing strategy, particularly if the company is going through major organisational change, such as restructuring or downsizing. “You’ve got to think about where the organisation is going, look at the people who are in it, and then look at where the challenges to resilience are as part of the overall wellbeing strategy.”

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