NHS launches tool to improve staff health and wellbeing

The NHS has launched a new online resource to improve employee health and wellbeing.

The resource, which is called ‘NHS well-being at work’, was developed by NHS Employers and is designed to support organisations working in the NHS in reducing staff sickness and absence.

Sir David Nicholson, chief executive at the NHS, said: “We are facing challenging times in the NHS and it is tempting to see this as an area that could go on the backburner.

“Whether you are sitting on a board or managing a team, there is a really powerful business case for investing in this area and trying to achieve real and significant change. The prize is enormous in terms of the benefits to both staff and patients.

“NHS well-being at work brings the best evidence together in one place and is designed to support organisations in the NHS to really move forward to improve staff health and wellbeing.”

Gill Bellord, director for core services at NHS Employers, added: “NHS Employers has developed the NHS well-being at work resource to support staff in the NHS with the best advice, information and case studies. Employers in the NHS recognise the benefits of supporting staff to be healthy and well, and this resource includes practical case studies demonstrating those benefits.”

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