Kas Bank develops stress test for pensions

Kas Bank has developed a stress test to give trustees a better understanding of how resilient their pension scheme would be in times of extreme economic crisis.

The new service examines the likely impact of several worst-case scenarios in terms of the funding level of a scheme.

The test, which can be implemented on an annual, quarterly or monthly basis, is in response to the more stringent requirements in the UK market and around the world following the global economic downturn.

Stephen Isgar, UK business development manager, said: “Since the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the subsequent economic turmoil, there has been greater demand for services that help prepare pension funds for the worst possible outcome.

“The new stress test identifies risks in a pension fund’s portfolio, enabling trustees to get a full grasp of the dangers potentially facing the pension scheme in the event of severe market movements.

“This fits perfectly within the ongoing development of innovative institutional risk management services at Kas Bank.”

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