Interserve Project Services introduces carbon reporting tool

Interserve Project Services (IPS) has introduced a carbon reporting tool for its 1,200 drivers as part of efforts to cut its total fleet CO2 emissions by around 5% a year.

The tool, recently launched by mileage and fuel cost management firm TMC, is designed to deliver a 23% cut in annual fuel volume over a five-year period.

Carbon reporting has given the company more comprehensive, accurate and visible carbon figures for its car fleet. It will use these to plan changes to fleet policy and working practices to reduce future emissions.

The tool calculates individual CO2 emissions for each car and driver in the organisation and sends each driver a quarterly report. This allows drivers to reduce their CO2 emissions by travelling fewer miles, driving more efficiently and choosing cleaner cars.

Paul Jackson, managing director of TMC, said: “Businesses are taking a much tougher line on fuel, mileage and emissions. They are no longer prepared to wait while drivers gradually move into slightly greener cars. They are taking the initiative and setting carbon reduction targets or setting firm limits on annual mileage.”

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