Educating scheme members top pensions communication issue

Educating pension scheme members about defined contribution (DC) pension schemes and investments was voted the biggest pensions communications issue for 2011 according to a poll by Shilling Communication.

Building trust and confidence in pensions, chosen by 32% of respondents, was the second most important topic, followed by communication of legislative changes (16%), communication of scheme reforms (12%), and ticking the compliance box (2%).

Katie Frost, director of Shilling Communication, said: “It is encouraging so many people are interested in helping members to understand DC pensions and investments.

“It will be interesting to see if this happens in practice in 2011, and, subsequently, whether it helps to raise general levels of member awareness when it comes to the role they need to play in saving for the future.

“Understandably investors’ confidence has been knocked in recent years, and the high media profile of pensions in particular has made more people aware of the industry’s issues.

“It now comes back to employers and pensions teams to restore people’s faith in pensions and show members they are still one of the best ways to save for retirement.”

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