E.On measures staff engagement with flexible benefits plan

E.On has measured employee satisfaction with its flexible benefits scheme using a staff survey.

The survey revealed 87% of the energy firm’s employees were satisfied with its My Choice flexible benefits scheme, provided by Benefex, and 74% instantly recognise the branding of the scheme.

After implementing total reward statements (TRS) earlier this year through the My Choice platform, 60% of employees viewed their TRS, increasing to 80% for flex participants.

However, the firm’s voluntary benefits scheme received mixed feedback. Only 42% of respondents had used it, but there was a degree of confusion among non-users. Feedback from regular users was generally positive.

Ant Donaldson, employee benefits specialist at E.On, said: “We are really proud of the results of the survey and the fact so many of our colleagues are clearly satisfied with the offering, particularly seeing as it is non-funded.

“Taking on board the comments from the survey, we are already looking at ways to improve the scheme and how we engage people for next year. Recognition and satisfaction levels are high but there is still a reasonably large percentage of our colleagues who do not participate.”

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