Domino’s Pizza in Japan offers $31,030-an-hour job

No doubt many employees working in fast-food chains will believe their wages in no way compensate for the grease-infused toil, the corporate uniform and drunken antics of some late-night customers.

While many fast-food chains have taken significant steps to shift this image and create better working conditions for staff, Domino’s Pizza in Japan will go one step further when it offers one lucky employee $31,030 for just one hour behind the counter.

The generously paid hour’s worth of work in December, which equates to 2,500,000 yen, is part of a series of events commemorating the 25th anniversary of the pizza chain’s arrival in Japan.

Applicants for the job must be over 18 but no previous experience is required. The chosen employee will also be provided with a uniform.

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