Doctor’s benefits to include sausages

Complimentary sausages are not something many job seekers would expect to see on a job advertisement.

However, this is one of the perks promised to the successful applicant who becomes the doctor in the small German village of Lette.

Residents are so desperate to find a replacement for their local GP who retired in September they have pulled together to form a benefits package to attract a new recruit.

The local butcher’s shop is offering a doctor who moves to the 2,200-strong community free meaty lunches and a complimentary sausage-themed feast when the new surgery opens, while the local hotel is offering the doctor free accommodation until he or she find a permanent place to live.

Other benefits on offer include free haircuts at the local salon, free flower arrangements for the doctor’s surgery from the local florist and complimentary bread rolls from the village baker.

It brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘tasty perks’.