B&CE and Partnership team up to offer enhanced annuities

B&CE Benefit Schemes has joined forces with Partnership, the provider of financial products for people with health and lifestyle conditions, to offer enhanced annuities.

Employers in the construction industry offering benefits provided by B&CE will have direct access to enhanced rates by a one page medical questionnaire, which will enable them to access an improved retirement income regardless of their fund size.

Jamie Fiveash, director of customer solutions at B&CE, said: “B&CE’s customers will be given the opportunity to purchase an annuity regardless of fund size using a technology based, non-advised process which includes a simplified medical questionnaire and enables us to provide a competitive enhanced rate.

“As a specialist provider to those with health and lifestyle conditions, we chose Partnership to provide a tailored customer solution designed for those working in construction.”

Andrew Megson, managing director of retirement as Partnership, added: “Many people are unaware increased retirement income rates are available for those with health or lifestyle conditions, yet 40% of people at retirement are eligible for them.

“The difference between the best and worst retirement income rates for people benefiting from an enhancement can be as much as 30% or more.

“B&CE’s customers will benefit from Partnership’s simplified enhanced annuity approach ensuring the maximum people are qualified for an improved retirement income, for life.”

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