Motorised bed used to motivate staff

Even the most dedicated employees’ loyalty to their employer hangs in the balance during those critical few minutes after the alarm clock goes off, when staying in bed over earning a living can seem like a viable option.

Now employers can recognise the daily challenge of getting up in the morning by incorporating a bed into their staff motivation programme.

Virgin Experience Days has launched a new product called the Fast Asleep Bed Tour, where staff are taken through the countryside on a motorised bed. Employees head out onto public roads for a five-mile adventure tour, safely tucked up under the duvet. Nightcaps and hot water bottles are also provided.

If for some reason employees don’t feel it is dignified to pile into a giant motorised bed with their colleagues and hit the open road, not to worry, they also have the option of thundering around a race track on a office desk.

Jackets and ties are provided for this chauffeured trip in a fully equipped office for three laps around the super fast raceway. Securely strapped in to an office chair staff have full use of the computers, conference table and water-cooler.

Talk about being driven to distraction….

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