Hamster hotel for staff who want to get out of the rat race

Employers in France could give their staff a break from the rat race by putting them up in a hotel where guests live like hamsters.

Treating staff to a night at the Hamster Hotel in Nantes could also complement an employer’s health and wellbeing strategy. For example, guests are encouraged to get some exercise by climbing a ladder and running in a giant wheel.

For 99 euros a night (£88) visitors can coop themselves up in the specially designed hotel, where rooms are kitted out like hamster cages, eat a dinner of seeds and grain before going to sleep on a pile of haystacks. Hamster costumes are also provided as part of the experience to ensure people are fully tuned in to their inner rodent.

Architect Yann Falquero said: “The hamster in the world of children is that little cuddly animal. Often, the adults who come here have wanted or did have hamsters when they were small.”