Company car drivers seek employers help to reduce fuel bills

Company car drivers want their employers assistance in reducing their fuel bill, according to research by fleet funding and management firm Lex Autolease.

The survey of 3,000 UK company car drivers, undertaken to identify attitudes to fuel consumption, found that almost all (95%) of drivers surveyed want to reduce their fuel bill.

However, two-thirds (61%) of drivers state that their employers have not given them any driver training or tips on fuel efficiency.

Lex Autolease said that fuel typically accounts for one-third of an average fleet vehicle’s running costs and while the results reveal that UK business drivers want to reduce their fuel consumption, the majority of their employers could do more to assist them.

Businesses who do not adopt a robust education programme for their drivers to help improve fuel consumption, or who have an unmanaged fuel programme, will inevitably be experiencing a negative impact on their profits. More than 30% of those drivers who responded said that they have not considered what impact their fuel bill had on their organisation’s profits.

Other findings include:

  • 66% of those surveyed consider themselves ‘green’ drivers
  • Over 40% of business drivers who responded do not drive in a style to maximise their fuel economy
  • 51% of respondents never shop or occasionally shop around for the cheapest fuel
  • Over 10% of drivers surveyed fill up with more expensive types of fuel, such as unleaded

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