Alphabet warns drivers about unfair wear and tear charges

Fleet funding firm Alphabet has launched a new guide to put company car drivers in the picture about unfair wear and tear charges.

According to Alphabet the search for cost reductions is leading more fleets to impose fines or recharges on drivers if their cars incur de-hire charges. Industry average de-hire charges are nearly £300 per vehicle and they affect an estimated 40% of leased vehicles.

Alphabet’s guide shows examples of common faults and explains how assessors apply the widely-recognised British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) wear and tear standards. It encourages drivers to check their cars regularly and to report damage immediately if it falls outside acceptable limits so there are no expensive surprises when vehicles are de-hired.

Mark Sinclair, director of Alphabet, said: “As with most company car problems, an ounce of prevention is generally much cheaper than a pound of cure. Drivers need to understand that apparently minor faults can prove costly.”

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