Company car drivers are becoming more eco-friendly

When selecting a new company car, most employees will consider how environmentally friendly the vehicle is, according to new research published by Leasedrive Velo Group.

The survey revealed that almost nine in 10 employees (87%) feel that the level CO2 emissions would influence the choice of their next company car.

Of the 1,074 company-car drivers surveyed, diesel was the most common car-type driven (76%), followed by petrol (23%) and hybrid (1%). Only one respondent drove a bio-fuel car.

But the report highlights a change in attitude to the choice of company car. Despite 68% saying they would stick to diesel with their next car and 19% choosing petrol, 10% said they would choose hybrid – a move that would represent a 9% increase in hybrid company-cars.

Furthermore, nearly three quarters (71%) said that they would be willing to pay a fixed annual fee to offset their company car’s emissions. Two-thirds (64%) would be willing to pay £40 or more a year to do so.

Roddy Graham, commercial director at Leasedrive Velo Group, said: “Clearly, company car drivers are more aware than ever before of their green responsibilities and are not only willing to trade down next time to a company car with lower CO2 emissions but are also prepared to back this up by becoming carbon-neutral drivers.