Rok to communicate flex using DVDs and podcasts

Rok is launching online and paper-based total reward statements as well as planning to use DVDs and podcasts to help communicate a new flexible benefits plan to staff.

Approximately 3,500 employees at the construction company will be given access to either online or paper-based total reward statements from December in the lead up to the launch of flexible benefits in April next year.

Employees who joined Rok as a result of acquisitions made by the company, but are not yet on its terms and conditions, will receive the statements at a slightly later date as part of the integration process.

To ensure site-based technicians are catered for, Rok will provide them with access to total reward statements online, at home and in local offices, and the option to request these in a paper-based format. Surveys and focus groups revealed that employees favoured online provision.

Richard Sadler, reward leader at Rok, said: “We like to think online access is a little bit ground-breaking. It is not something that is very common in the construction industry.”

Rok will also use DVDs and podcasts to communicate its flexible benefits launch. Communications are due to begin in February 2008 and will explain why flexible benefits are being introduced. They will also feature staff at all levels within the company talking about how benefits will complement their lifestyles.

Podcasts will continue to be used throughout the year to provide updates on new benefits.

Rok’s flexible benefits scheme and total reward system are provided by Thomsons Online Benefits.