Workplace stress still a problem

Workplace stress is still prevalent with 24% of full-time workers saying that they are generally stressed at work.

A further 23% say they never take a break during the week, while 20% believe they work too many extra hours, according to Legal & General’s Health uncovered research. The survey also found that 7% of full-time employees do not even take a holiday.

National Stress Awareness Day, which is taking place tomorrow on 7 November, is intended to raise awareness of the issue as concern continues to grow over British working hours and the need to reduce workplace stress. 

Vanessa Swallows, underwriting and benefits director for Legal & General’s group protection business, said: “Work is very important to many people but this may lead to people becoming too absorbed in their daily routine and this can lead to increased pressure and stress. If this situation is prolonged this may take its toll on a worker’s physical and mental wellbeing and result in a range of health problems such as heart disease, back pain and gastrointestinal problems.”

She added that short breaks are important to help employees relax.