Deloitte adds identity theft protection to flex

Deloitte has revamped its flexible benefits package by adding identity theft protection and Bupa health assessments to its scheme, following a successful trial of the two perks.

The identity theft protection benefit is an online credit assessment programme that is designed to help employees at the accountancy firm take control of their own finances and identify fraudulent activity at an early stage.

The Bupa health assessments give employees a picture of how healthy they are, and are being introduced to encourage health and wellbeing among staff Deloitte.

The two new benefits will be available for staff to purchase with their flex allowance from January.

Neil McKie, head of reward at Deloitte, said: “The two new options have been introduced following a trial and in response to demand from staff.

Other benefits in the flex package include dental insurance, critical illness cover, private medical insurance and travel insurance.