Acision adds carbon offsetting to flexible benefits scheme

Acision has added carbon offsetting to its flexible benefits scheme.

The options allows employees to calculate the size of their carbon footprint based on the amount of greenhouse gases he or she produces. Another calculation then works out the number of trees needed to offset the emissions and highlights areas where emissions could be reduced. The employee can then contribute a monthly sum to charity the Woodland Trust which will plant the trees on their behalf.

The employee contribution is pre-tax deductable so the Woodland Trust receives the net amount plus the tax that would have been paid.

Janet Turner, global HR director at Acision, said: “We believe that giving the opportunity for our employees to eradicate their carbon footprints by growing and preserving our woodlands is a fantastic benefit and one we already know they see as being really value.”

The benefit has been launched by Aon Consulting in conjunction with Woodland Trust. This month, Employee Benefits reported an exclusive story on Danone Dairies which also added the Woodland Trust carbon offsetting benefit to its flex scheme with Aon Consulting.