Rugby Football League offers health perks to staff

The RFL is the governing body of Rugby League in the UK, and administers 450 clubs and 40,000 players. It employs 85 staff that referee, administer and help develop the sport.

The RFL offers a private medical insurance policy, an employer-paid LHF healthcare cash plan and a bikes-for-work scheme. About 90% of staff have used the cash plan. The organisation also offers tai chi, massage and stress reduction therapies, while staff can obtain employer funding to take part in sporting pursuits such as the Three Peaks Challenge.

The RFL closely monitors sickness absence levels and conducts return-to-work interviews. It credits these measures with its low average sickness absence rate of two days per employee per year.

Sue Sheard, HR consultant, says: "The return on investment would be the cost of absenteeism. If you take a look at the national average, we’re well below that."

She claims the benefits underline a caring corporate culture. "Most organisations limit (benefits) to senior managers and then scream when they’ve got problems with staff. When interviewing people, we talk about our family-friendly policies. We say ‘these are the benefits we provide, but in return, we expect [employees] to attend work regularly’."