Snowdrop Systems measures staff satisfaction

Case Study: Snowdrop Systems

For HR software provider Snowdrop Systems, entering the Sunday Times Best Company to Work For Awards added an extra dimension to the process of measuring staff satisfaction and also saved it money. Jenny Campbell, marketing manager at Snowdrop Systems, says: "We had done employee satisfaction surveys in previous years using third-party providers, but they took time and were quite expensive."

The awards involved a similar process of getting staff to complete questionnaires that covered a range of workplace issues and topics. "The entry fee was just £250 and not only did we glean a lot of valuable information about staff satisfaction, we were able to compare ourselves against other organisations. And because the details were published online, staff had access to the feedback and the comparisons as well."

Overall, the company was ranked 68th in the Best SME to Work For category. High levels of staff satisfaction were recorded for leadership and team-working.