National Trust promotes environmentally-friendly transport solutions

Case Study: National Trust

When the National Trust (NT) relocated its head office functions from London, Westbury and Cirencester to a new site at Swindon, a planning constraint was imposed allowing just one space for every three members of its 450-strong staff.

Keen to promote environmentally-friendly transport solutions, the NT had specifically chosen the site because it was located near the town’s train station and on various bus routes. But research ascertained that a number of staff living in Westbury would not be adequately served by public transport.

So the NT organises a bus service for employees living in the Westbury area. Part-funded by staff, it is used by around 40 people. The NT has also allocated all car parking spaces, except for a few reserved spots for visitors, to those staff who car share. Around 25% of the workforce have taken up this option. Jessica Kill, central office project officer at the NT, says: "If people need to get home in an emergency, we also have a pot of money to send them home in taxis or on the train."