EXCLUSIVE: Atomic Weapons Establishment launches online financial education programme

EXCLUSIVE: National defence organisation the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) has launched an online financial education programme for its 4,900 UK-based staff.

The financial education programme, delivered by Nudge, launched on 12 May 2017 for all employees who work across AWE’s five UK sites.

The programme was implemented to help attract and retain talent, as well as to support the individual needs of a diverse and varied workforce.

The financial education programme includes digital nudges or notifications that deliver financial education information based on employees’ interests and lifestyle choices, as well as providing information about relevant legislative changes. The notifications are automatically personalised to reflect the employee’s demographic, salary, and individual benefit choices.

Alongside the digital nudges, the programme gives employees access to an online platform that houses financial education tools and articles on personal finance topics.

Through the online platform, staff will be able to configure their nudges, add extra information about themselves, such as their partner’s income or if they have any adult dependents, and set their personalised financial goals.

Chris Coyne, head of performance and reward at AWE, said: “Attracting and retaining top talent is a strategic priority for AWE and for some time we have recognised the growing importance of financial education and wellbeing.

“We employ a very diverse team of people from apprentices, to graduates, to highly experienced engineers and scientists and those in business roles. We’re keen to ensure that we can support all our staff by delivering the financial education that meets their individual needs, at a time of increasing complexity in the world of finance.”