EPC-UK launches wellbeing programme and issues fitness devices

EPC-UK has launched a wellbeing programme for its 250-strong workforce.

As part of the programme, Commit to be Fit, employees will be provided with a Garmin fitness activity tracker and will have access to a wellbeing portal.

Staff can register their fitness trackers and their interest in the programme through the portal, enabling EPC-UK to set goals and challenges for different departments across the organisation.

Employees will also be able to access a range of wellbeing information around topics such as nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness.

The programme is designed to engage staff in their health and wellbeing, and support and motivate them in their efforts to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

The wellbeing programme forms part of the organisation’s commitment to the Workplace Wellbeing Charter, which focuses on leadership, culture, and communication. To support this commitment, EPC-UK’s new wellbeing strategy is based around three key elements: commitment to the health and wellbeing of its staff; achievement, by actively encouraging staff to lead a healthier lifestyle; and excellence, by providing easily accessible information, intervention programmes, and support mechanisms to help employees stay safe and happy.

Since the programme’s launch in April 2017, the organisation has seen the creation of employee running and walking clubs, and an increase in staff opting for healthy choices at lunchtime.

EPC-UK promotes wellness information and news to staff through a range of communication channels, including posters, internal newsletters, and social media.

Ben Williams, managing director at EPC-UK, said: “The launch of our wellbeing initiative has been really well received and it’s fantastic to see so many of our employees already registering their interest in being a part of our Commit to be Fit programme.

“One of the most important points of the launch is that each employee now has access to information, advice and support on all aspects of their wellbeing, which will hopefully help them lead more balanced and happier lives.‚ÄĚ