Employee with ‘cattitude’ to receive cat-cuddling benefits

Something for the weekend: In October 2015, Uber ran an initiative across 50 North American cities allowing office staff to cuddle kittens for 15 minutes for a ‘snuggle fee’ of $30. The scheme was designed to support local animal shelters and to encourage employees to adopt kittens in need of a home but, for many, petting animals can also be a way of relaxing and relieving stress. One lucky person will now be able to take advantage of these benefits on a full-time basis because an Irish veterinary practice is on the hunt for a cat cuddler.

Dublin-based Just Cats Veterinary Clinic is seeking someone with ‘cattitude’, the ability to understand different types of purring, and cat-whispering skills to soothe nervous feline patients. To be successful, applicants should have gentle hands capable of stroking cats for extended periods of time, and a qualification recognised by the Veterinary Council of Ireland.

In the job advert, the cat-only veterinary clinic makes clear that it is an equal opportunities employer, but that it does discriminate against dogs attending the clinic as patients.

At Employee Benefits, we believe the chance to pet kittens would be an excellent way of motivating us to go to work, although we will first need to brush up on our purr-interpretation skills…