Ace Work Gear sees benefit of outsourcing payroll

ace work gear

Construction safety workwear organisation Ace Work Gear outsourced its payroll two years ago. The Fife-based firm employs 12 members of staff, many of who work remotely. It is a move that would suit any employer that has to deal with complicated payroll structures, says Sam Williamson, co-founder of Ace Work Wear.

“Because many of my staff work remotely during the week I don’t pay them for their travel, and this all has to be accounted for when they are paid,” he explains. “We also pay overtime quite regularly, which was also a headache. I spent far too long ensuring that I was complying with all of the relevant laws that it would take me huge amounts of time to handle the payroll.”

The organisation uses full-service payroll processing, provided by Qtac, which entails sending the relevant information to its payroll service provider, which handles all of the data entry and ensures that everything is compliant.

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“The main benefit is that I don’t need to hire a member of staff to handle the payroll in-house, which saves a considerable amount of money,” says Williamson. “Other benefits include knowing that our payroll is being processed using the latest and safest technology available. We can also deposit money directly into the accounts of our employees, which they prefer to having to head to the bank.

“The time savings are huge. I am spending considerably more by outsourcing than I was by handling the payroll myself, however, I consider it worthwhile.”