Air-IT launches employee engagement and development programme

Air-ITAir-IT has launched a new employee engagement scheme to support the wellbeing and personal development of its staff.

The initiative, provided by The Dream Manager Programme, provides 12 monthly coaching sessions led by trained staff members.

The 90-minute sessions have been designed to help employees with their personal and professional ambitions and aspirations, covering core topics such as goal setting and planning, financial management, communication and relationships, total wellbeing and professional development.

The sessions are conducted during business hours, and are supported by regular communication via email, text and postcard.

More than 60% of employees have opted to take part in the voluntary programme thus far.

The scheme aims to ensure the managed service provider remains an employer of choice. It also aims to support the wellbeing and personal development of staff, while helping the organisation to achieve its business objectives.

The programme will sit alongside professional development and team-building initiatives currently offered by the organisation, such as charity fundraising challenges and events.

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Todd McQuilkin, managing director at Air-IT, said: “This is a really unique and exciting programme; it’s going to help us embed high staff morale and enable our employees to become the people they’ve always aspired to be, in their jobs and personal lives.”

Paul Driver, HR lead at Air-IT, added: “It’s about strengthening our existing culture and helping people get to the places they want to be, so we are a more cohesive team.”