Ambition hosts wellbeing week for staff

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EXCLUSIVE: Ambition UK has hosted a wellbeing week for its 45 employees for the second year running.

The recruitment firm provided a range of free health and wellbeing initiatives, including zumba, massages, a football match, pilates and a fitness boot camp during the week which took place from 11-15 May. 

This was also national Mental Health Awareness Week, which gave staff the opportunity to boost their mental and physical wellbeing.

During the week, all 25 available massage slots were taken up, 10 members of staff participated in zumba, 12 played football, 20 took a pilates class and 12 took part in the boot camp.

Employees were also given a free breakfast bar which included cereal, fruit, wholemeal bagels, organic peanut butter, yogurt and porridge.

Andrea Williams, managing director of Ambition UK, said: “Ambition is committed to helping our employees be as healthy and happy as they can be. 

“We wanted to ensure that everyone, regardless of their level of fitness and ability, was able to get involved in wellbeing week and take advantage of some of the activities on offer. We are delighted that it went down so well.

“One of the staff members volunteered to host a boot camp, another baked healthy breakfast biscuits for the whole office and during that week we felt a really positive vibe around the office.

“Although we host one wellbeing week per year, staying fit and active and working as a team is something that we as a business encourage throughout the year. We often get involved in charity events, fun runs and team football and netball matches.

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“All of these activities bring staff together for a common cause and provide a real morale boost and sense of unity which ultimately helps improves productivity and communication across the business.”