Pay levels impact sex life

Something for the weekend…


High earners may receive the top cash bonuses, but it seems that the time spent in the boardroom is affecting the time they spend in the bedroom.

Research published by sex-toy and lingerie website found that only 4% of employees who earn more than £50,000 a year enjoy sex every day. However, this percentage triples for low earners.

It seems that while high earners are busy in the boardroom, more than half (54%) of employees who earn between £15,000 and £34,000 a year boast of having sex several times a week.

One fifth (20%) of employees who earn less than £15,000 a year ranked their sex drive at ten out of ten.

However, the research suggests that the bigger an employee’s wages, the more sexually adventurous they are, with 83% of high earners admitting to an al-fresco encounter.

But at least all employees have one thing in common: the research found that respondents across all pay ranges rate their skills in the bedroom at an average of seven out of ten.

A spokesperson said: “High earners tend to work longer hours or put more time into thinking about their careers, so it makes sense they are having sex less regularly.

”Higher earners also tend to be bigger risk-takers by nature, so the high number of those sampling sex outside follows.

”With everyone across the board agreeing that they rate themselves a seven for skills and an eight for sex drive, it’s great to see that Brits are pretty content with their sex lives.”

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