Air hostess uniforms improve nurses motivation

Something for the weekend…


Organisations looking to boost engagement in the workplace could learn a few lessons by looking at other industries for inspiration.

For instance, hospital bosses at Lianshui Huain Hospital of Chinese Medicine in China are hoping nursing standards will be sky high after providing special training for nurses from air hostesses.

Twelve nurses participating in a pilot project took part in a month-long training programme from air hostesses, covering areas such as communication. The project is aimed at providing a new standard of nursing care designed to defuse tense situations.

The 12 nurses now also wear air hostess uniforms to treat patients, which they claim has resulted in increased engagement and motivation at work – and at home.

One nurse has seen improvements in her sleeping patterns, getting to bed earlier so she looks better in the morning, while another has been motivated to cut out unhealthy foods.

Apparently, they have also brightened up the hospital by wearing the air hostess uniform.

But while those taking part are commanding a higher salary for doing so, they have also taken on a heavier workload.

However, only time will tell whether the pilot project will really take off.







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