2% and 3% most common budgeted pay rises for 2014

EB Summit 2014: The recession and economic downturn had a major impact on organisations. But as the economy begins to improve, is this being felt yet within organisations’ business outlooks and reward strategies?

Employee Benefits polled delegates at the Employee Benefits Summit in Alicante, Spain, on 14 May to identify how senior management attitudes have changed in the past five years.

What is the business outlook in your organisation? 

27% – There is light at the end of the tunnel but a way to go yet.                 

23% – Times are still tough – cost cutting, redundancies, restructuring.                       

23% – We are feeling the start of better times.   

16% – Significant improvement seems to be in place.

11% – Recession? What recession? All going very well with us.   

On average for the bulk of your workforce, what is the budgeted payroll increase for 2014?

7% – We have a pay freeze.                    

7% – Up to 1%.       

38% – Up to 2%.      

38% – Up to 3%.        

2% – Up to 4%.       

7% – Over 4%.