EXCLUSIVE: Virgin Atlantic launches online financial education programme

Virgin Atlantic

EXCLUSIVE: Airline organisation Virgin Atlantic has launched an online financial education programme for its 9,500 UK-based staff, including Virgin Holiday employees.

The programme, provided by Nudge, was implemented on 1 May 2018 to form part of Virgin Atlantic’s overall wellbeing strategy, called Working Well, Living Better. The wellbeing strategy focuses on supporting employees’ mental health, physical health and financial health.

The initiative provides employees with access to an online platform, which is designed to help employees use their money more efficiently in order to achieve their varied financial dreams and goals.

In addition, the financial education programme sends employees personalised notifications, or nudges. These provide bite-sized financial tips and guidance which relate to financial situations that are relevant to individual employees. This can include, for example, details on changes in legislation or interest rates, information around various lifestyle changes, such as moving homes, and information pertaining to changes in employee benefits.

The scheme was launched to employees using national roadshows, articles on the staff intranet, internal social media promotions, flyers and a video campaign.

Dani Brackpool, benefits manager at Virgin Atlantic, said: “Ensuring our people feel happy and supported in the workplace is our priority, and creating a culture of wellness is integral to that. We were delighted to achieve the National Workplace Wellbeing Charter in November, and are always looking for new initiatives to support our employees at work and at home. This month we introduced financial education to Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Holidays as part of our Working Well, Living Better wellness strategy.

“Thousands of people work at Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Holidays so we needed a platform which could offer personalised education covering a wide range of topics and needs. This system can be accessed from anywhere in the world and offers our people helpful tools to make managing their money and financial wellness easier, all at the touch of a button.”