Groendyke Transport awards drivers 9.4% pay increase

tank truck

North American tank trunk transportation organisation Groendyke Transport has awarded a 9.4% increase in its average hourly non-revenue pay rates for its 1,321 drivers as part of an initiative to create a sustainable pay model.

The pay changes, effective from May 2018, also include an increase in mileage pay of $0.06 per mile and a flat-rate pay increase for the organisation’s chemical drivers.

The pay increases are being implemented as part of Groendyke Transport’s move to create a more sustainable pay model, which aims to offer competitive industry pay for its drivers. As part of this initiative, the organisation is currently optimising pay rates for refined drivers at 30 of its US terminals. In addition, in 2017, Groendyke Transport revised its safety bonus pay structure to provide a higher earning potential for employees who met safety goals. This resulted in an increased bonus payout, compared to 2016.

Greg Hodgen, president at Groendyke Transport, said: “Our customers recognise the value of safe, reliable, professional drivers, and together we’re dedicated to preserving their wellbeing. Truck drivers provide a vital service in our growing economy, and they deserve to work with people who recognise their contribution.

“Our record of safety excellence and our people-first culture have always stood out to our employees as unique in the industry. These increases continue to show drivers our commitment to being the trucking [organisation] they want to grow with.”