Eleanor Tomlinson paid less than male co-star for previous series of Poldark

Eleanor Tomlinson Poldark

Something for the weekend: English actress Eleanor Tomlinson joins the conversation around Hollywood’s gender pay gap, as an interview with Red magazine reveals that the 26-year-old hopes to be paid the same as male co-star Aidan Turner, after it was found that she was paid less than him for past series of the hit BBC drama Poldark.

Tomlinson, who plays fiery red-head Demelza Poldark, reportedly told Red that she would be upset if she did not receive the same pay as Turner for Poldark’s upcoming fourth series, considering both characters’ equal footing as leads of the show, according to the Daily Mail. However, the star also reportedly told Red that she did not think she currently earns the same as Turner.

Tomlinson’s comments come after Poldark’s production firm, Mammoth Screen, confirmed that Turner was paid more for past series. A statement from the organisation published on the Daily Mail said: “[While] we can’t and won’t disclose the details, we do pay Aidan Turner more for playing Ross Poldark as throughout all the series Ross has significantly more screen time than any other character.”

According to the Daily Mail, Tomlinson told Red: “While at the beginning [the pay gap] might have been ok, he was a bigger star than me, now I don’t think so. We’re equal leads of the show, so I’d be pretty upset if the gap hadn’t closed.”

Here at Employee Benefits, we are rooting for Tomlinson to get an equal pay packet to Irish actor Turner for her stellar performance in the BBC’s Cornish-set drama.