Holiday Extras built flexible benefits scheme on employee input

Holiday Extras

The strategy behind Holiday Extras’ flexible benefits scheme has largely been driven by employee input and feedback.

Prior to launching its flex platform, My Extras, in 2012, the travel firm asked employees what they wanted from a platform and which benefits they would like to see. Anouk Agussol, head of people, says: “What we found from this, is that there was very little that stood out as the main things people wanted, and that we needed to provide benefits individuals want, not what the team as a group want.”

For example, a few employees wanted a payroll-giving scheme to be able to contribute to charity. “We introduced the benefit but the take-up is small,” says Agussol. “However, to the people that have it, it is really important to them so we wouldn’t take it away regardless of a small take-up. Benefits give value to an individual. If each person feels individually valued and feels the value of their benefits then they are more engaged.”

To form its flex strategy, Holiday Extras looked at the organisation’s culture and used feedback from the team to help decide which benefits to include.

“In addition, we also have an engagement survey called You are Holiday Extras. We get a lot of feedback via this to help shape our offering and we review our benefits each year,” says Agussol.