Emma Hart: What is the impact of introducing unlimited leave?

Emma Hart

In the summer of 2014, Visualsoft introduced a new benefits package that included unlimited paid holiday. Our main aim was to create a culture of trust, empowerment and increase employee engagement.

Introducing unlimited leave into an organisation leads to creating a shift in culture and trust. Employees are given guidelines to work within, but the general principle is that work still needs to be completed. Once guidelines are explained, deliverables measured and communication is clear, this empowers employees to manage their own time and holidays throughout the year to make sure their work-life balance is fair.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) should be implemented to give clear measurables to everyone using the system and allow departments and employees to work collectively as teams to ensure higher-level targets are still achieved.

Creating this culture within an organisation leads to a more engaged, happier workforce and less time needed to micro-manage employees. It is understood that happier employees are more productive, loyal and become advocates for an organisation.

Another impact seen from the introduction of unlimited leave is with recruitment. Even though the adoption rate for the approach is increasing, it is still seen to be a rarity and a great benefit to offer. This leads to both retaining staff within the organisation and a much higher level of quality applications when recruiting for new roles.

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Visualsoft continues to offer, promote and expand its employee health and benefits package and has been nationally recognised by a number of awarding bodies. This is seen to be a further noticeable impact of creating the culture of trust and empowerment within the organisation. It gives the correct impression of a forward-thinking organisation that truly believes that its staff are the most important and valuable asset, and staff wellbeing is vital to business success.

Emma Hart is HR manager at Visualsoft