NCT uses mobile technology to shape communications

Nottingham City Transport (NCT) had a flexible benefits portal in place for a number of years but struggled to get employee buy-in and take-up remained low.

Then the organisation launched a bespoke flex portal, with provider Personal Group, and used technology to enable employees to sign up using mobile devices.


More than 200 staff registered on the portal using their mobile devices, obtaining benefits such as savings on holidays and various insurance.

Mick Leafe, HR director at NCT, says: “Employees might have used either their smartphone or tablet device, which is really interesting to see. The response of the launch has been encouraging because many of our staff do not have access to a computer at work.”

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NCT provides real-time travel information to its customers via mobile phone apps, so it wanted to do something similar to give staff instant access to their benefits to improve engagement and take-up, says Leafe.

“We used to have a basic scheme,” he says. “Something that did not associate with the organisation. It is now more personal and direct and looks like an NCT website. Now staff can get instant access because we have allowed the use of mobile technology on our portal.”

Mobile technology has also helped shape the way NCT communicates benefits to its workforce. Its recent use of DVD videos has not had the desired impact.

“Mobile technology has helped change the way we approach communications,” says Leafe. “In the past, we have not had a good experience with trying to get ahead. We previously relied on technology to send out our terms and conditions, business plans and statements, and will now do the same for our benefits.

“I am certain mobile technology will increase the overall notice paid to our benefits and the ultimate thing is engagement. Mobile technology has helped greatly with that.”