Xactly launches sales incentive compensation product

Xactly Corporation has launched a sales incentive compensation product that enables managers to link the organisation’s goals to employee behaviour to engage and motivate staff.

Xactly Objectives enables employers to set measurable, aligned business objectives for each employee, provide employees with real-time visibility of their performance, calculate achievement of those metrics, and send the final numbers through to payroll.

Managers can view each employee’s progress on a single dashboard, allowing them to easily pinpoint problem areas that may require additional coaching or mentoring, or where employees should receive accolades for reaching certain milestones.

Employees also have access to a personalised dashboard, which allows them to track their objectives and map out their goals in real-time.

Christopher W Cabrera, president and chief executive officer at Xactly Corporation, said: “Pay-for-performance programmes are a powerful driver of employee behaviour, yet variable compensation for employees is often measured arbitrarily and rewarded subjectively, stifling employee motivation and performance potential, while opening up the organisation to the risk of misaligning payment with the actual performance delivered.

“Xactly Objectives helps organisations better engage their workforce in achieving company goals and maximizing the [return on investment] of their variable compensation programmes.”