Sodexo launches childcare voucher health check

Employee benefits provider Sodexo Motivation Solutions has launched a free childcare voucher checker.

Its Health Check service, which is available to any organisation with a childcare voucher scheme in place, aims to help employers assess the health of their current scheme.

The service includes an analysis of an employer’s current scheme, and offers recommendations on how they can improve and ensure their employees are making the most of the benefit.

Iain McMath, managing director of Sodexo Motivation Solutions (pictured), said: The majority of UK employers now have a childcare voucher scheme in place and, with childcare costs rising disproportionately to income, the tax exemption available through childcare vouchers is what allows many parents to stay in work.

“The uptake of childcare vouchers across the UK is not as high as it could be, which means that a large number of working parents are missing out on an important tax benefit.

“We hope that running this free Health Check will encourage organisations to take another look at their current schemes in order to ensure their employees are fully aware of the support available to help them with their childcare costs.”