Reeves raises engagement with flexible benefits

Reeves and Co has seen 86% of employees log into its new flexible benefits scheme since it was launched in March 2013.

The enrolment window for the scheme opened on 13 March, following the launch of a voluntary benefits scheme at the end of February.

At the same time the accountancy firm moved its total reward statements online.

Sharron Swann, HR director at Reeves and Co, said: “We had previously issued paper statements, but the administration could be a nightmare.

“The online ones have proven to be much more streamlined and employees get more value from them because they can view a live version whenever they want on their smartphones rather than seeing it once a year.”

The flexible benefits scheme, voluntary benefits and total reward statements are all managed by provider Benefex via is RewardHub portal.

Reeves and Co were keen to engage employees with the launch of the scheme and ran a competition to allow staff to choose its name. The winning name was Platform B.

All communications, including the total reward statements, followed a transport theme. Communications have included email and poster campaigns, as well as branded tickets sent out to all 309 employees inviting them to log into their benefit portal.

Swann added: “We have grown via merger and acquisition activity, which has left employees on different terms and conditions across the business.

“We wanted to introduce flexible benefits in order to harmonise the rewards on offer and get everyone in the business to engage with their benefits on a level playing field.

“We saw the launch of flex as a great opportunity to move our total reward statements online and introduce a voluntary benefit scheme at the same time, as all three could be promoted together for maximum impact.”