Paperlinx extends mileage management system

Paperlinx has extended its mileage management system across all company car drivers in its UK divisions.

The international merchant group first offered the system, provided by Vertivia, in 2011 within just two of its operating organisations for a 150-strong fleet.

The organisation decided to roll out the system to the rest of its UK businesses, added 200 more company car drivers.

The system is part of Paperlinx’s strategy to improve the management of its car fleet costs, more closely measure the cost of fuel, plot mileages and measure its environmental impact more effectively.

Mileage monitoring reduces the administration required for both the driver and the organisation. It also helps managers identify wasted journeys.

Chris Stockley, director of the project at PaperlinX (pictured, right), said: “The Vertivia system is easy to operate, allows drivers to accurately assess the number of miles their journey will cover, and they can log-in to record the mileage for each journey or at the end of the month, whichever they prefer.

“It has proved very reliable with no technical hitches and has been shown to be a very accurate way of capturing business miles, hence we had no hesitation in extending its use across the group.”

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Paul Chater, sales director at Vertivia (pictured, left), added: “Our system removes any unexplained variance in the distances that some drivers log when claiming business mileage. This is a much more efficient and accurate way of logging mileage and removes any element of guesswork.

“For employers, the system can provide improved [HM Revenue and Customs] compliance and detailed data breakdowns so they can consider alternative reimbursement structures and manage their fleets more effectively. The result is a drop in fuel costs and also in carbon emissions.”