Nest launches guidance for communicating pensions to new generation

The national employment savings trust (Nest) has launched eight golden rules, aimed at helping employers to lead staff through the incoming pension reforms.

The rules, which focus on removing jargon, are:

  • Keep it real: Avoid abstract language
  • Rights not responsibility: Tell people what they are entitled to
  • Out with the old: Make pensions relevant to employees’ lives now
  • One for all: Make it clear it is happening to most workers
  • Tell it like it is: Present the facts
  • Give people control: Make people aware of their choices
  • Take people as you find them: Give them information that matches their knowledge
  • Be constructive: Tell people about solutions

Tim Jones, chief executive at Nest Corporation, said: “Automatic enrolment is designed to kick-start a savings revolution.

“Nest’s golden rules are based on extensive research into how people think and feel about their money and how they want pensions explained.

“This includes, for example, explaining that people have a right to a pension at work, rather than saying it’s something they should do.”

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