Many business drivers would not switch to electric cars

More than half (68%) of drivers would not change their existing company car for an electric car, according to research by ALD Automotive.

The research, which surveyed 1,000 employee drivers, found the main reasons for this include: a lack of suitable models on offer (60%) and a lack of charging points (77%).

Of the 32% of respondents who were positive about the new technology, the factors cited for this include: reduced carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions (73%), perceived lower running costs (69%) and a reduction in noise pollution (28%).

Only 6% of respondents would switch to an electric car immediately.

At present, employee drivers running electric cars do not pay any benefit-in-kind tax.

Keith Allen, managing director at ALD Automotive UK, said: “The survey results highlight that, while some employee drivers may consider changing to an electric car in the future, lack of charging points and battery range still need to be addressed by the government and manufacturers in order to convince these drivers to make the switch.”

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