Five-year-old artist earns thousands

A five-year-old girl Australian girl who has already earned more than £100,000 from her paintings, may have unrealistic expectations of the future benefits packages she will receive from employers.

However, the money Aelita Andre earns is being put in a trust fund, meaning the youngster has already experienced the concept of long-term saving well before she flies the nest and takes out a workplace pension

Andre has been painting since she was two and has had her work exhibited in Australia. Many artists will no doubt be green with envy at news that her cheapest paintings are now selling for more than £3,000 each.

Speaking to Sky News, her mother Nikka Kalashnikova said: “Sometimes even as a little kid she was painting for about one hour, one-and-a-half hours, she would walk off, then come back again, it is just her concentration. Usually kids paint for two or three minutes and they have had enough, so they run off, but not Aelita.”

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